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Charlie Brooker (the New Jeremy Clarkson) for Prime Minister?

Source: 10 o'Clock Live

Brooker has invaded our television screens hailed as a lovable rogue, most recently with his BBC2 series How TV Ruined Your Life, but he wasn’t always that strangely attractive debonair chap he’s being depicted as. Only a few months ago the Daily Mail continued to stress that Brooker was the anti-Christ and had brainwashed poor ex-Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq to join him in ruling the Underworld as his well-meaning but naive bride.

He’s the new Jeremy Clarkson in that he’s got that cheeky ability to come across as a lovable prick, mixed with a quirky charm which begs forgiveness for any past demeanours. The only minor difference between both journalists being that I’ve never heard Brooker utter a single sentence about cars, but then again, he talks so fast that I might have missed it in the word-babble he stutters out at an alarmingly rapid pace. There’s even a new Facebook campaign ‘Charlie Brooker for Prime Minister‘. He’s got my vote.

Channel 4’s 10 o’Clock Live on Thursday nights is a key example of Brooker’s ability to ramble on with all the fluidity of an epileptic squirrel strapped to a strobe light, but he’s likeable. Though his current BBC2 series lacks that fast-paced and punchy feel which Newswipe and Gameswipe possessed, it’s got promise. Brooker is already becoming a household name and for good reason, but I reckon he’s still got a lot more to offer and I personally can’t wait to see it.

I also wouldn’t mind being his reluctant better-half in ruling Hell together for all eternity, but I guess we’ll have to see how things go with that nice Konnie girl. According to the Daily Mail, Brooker’s already eaten her soul and that can put a dampener on any relationship. There’s still hope for me…

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